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Here's a look at 2018...

An ongoing series of informational entries

2018 Season 

April - June 2018

We are in Northerleigh Park this morning!!! Beautiful day and it's the Westerleigh Little Guys & Gals opening day!!!


Hi Folks,

We'd like to thank those that attended our Earth Day event. Thank you for your donations - $59.20. We'd especially like to thank those individuals that donated goods and/or their time to the cause. In addition, thank you to the following organizations for being a part of the event:

Staten Island Zoo

Urban Park Rangers

Organics Outreach (DSNY)

Community Affairs (DSNY)

NYC Parks Department Horticultural Department

College of Staten Island Geology Professor Alan Benimoff

NYPD School Safety Community Affairs and their Electric Car

NPYD Explorer Post 2015

Eltingville Lutheran School 4th-7th Grade Students (for their Earth Day Project Posters)

We also had a few special guests:

Miss Staten Island Nicole Doz

Miss Staten Island' Princess Alexa Guercia

Assemblyman Michael Cusick

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) - 

- PO Brian Babiak

- PO Patrick Lenza

And the weather couldn't have been better!


Hi Folks,

We'd like to share some good news. We received a $60 donation from two newer members of the community, Joanne and Anthony Deliso. Their generosity is much appreciated. It's cool to know our efforts are not going unnoticed.

WPC Friends...


Hi Folks,

Just a little update on what's been going on in the parks...


We're prepping for the planting of 20 American Holly trees on Saturday, May 5th. Hoping some of you may want to come out and lend a hand!


We're continuing our sprucing up efforts and we've recently planted some seed on the Willard Ave side. (Please try to avoid the newly seeded area.) We've been in touch with Parks regarding our upcoming sprucing up of the four entrances on May 18th. (Goldman Sachs employees will be assisting us with the enhancements. The plants are a donation from the afore mentioned organization.)

WPC Friends...


We are please to announce the following;

The NYC Parks Department has advised that the irrigation system in Westerleigh Park is on the radar for repair. The department asks that we be a bit patient as it must first get all of the parks up & running with their basic water requirements - now that we are finally past the long winter session. It will then concentrate on the sprinklers at this location.

A work order has been put in regarding the lights that are not operating as they should in Northerleigh Park. This is a DOT matter so the two agencies will be working hand in hand to get matters resolved at the earliest.

We'd like to thank Borough Commissioner Lynda Ricciardone's Chief of Staff - Charles Fall - for dropping by the Westerleigh Improvement Society's monthly meeting on Tuesday & giving these matters his utmost attention.


Hi Folks,

Well, the trees are in the ground in the rear of Northerleigh Park. We planted 17 of them yesterday in lieu of the 20 planned, as it was determined that three of them might have been in shock. It was a lot of work and we are especially thankful to Park Manager, Joe Gobin, for his intense labor along with his horticulture know-how. Please check them out if you wish! They make quite a difference!

WPC Friends...


We'd like to thank The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc's team of volunteers for choosing Westerleigh Park as its destination for their Community TeamWorks project. We've gotten a late start this year in trying to enhance the look of the park. Boy, did we do some catching up today!

Twenty-five volunteers engaged in tree planting (4 trees), weeding, planting flowers in the flower beds on the patio, placing of new plants at all four entrances into the park, along with enhancing one of the two retention ponds. They participated in placing ground cover in an area that has been bare for a number of years. Last, they were able to plant grass seed in an area towards the center of the park.

Best of all - no rain!


Hi Folks,

All the wet weather is keeping things nice and green. It's also causing the Parks Department to fall behind on its grass cutting schedule. As you may know, Westerleigh Park was cut a few days back. We are happy to report that Northerleigh Park has also been cut - as of today. What a difference!

Our efforts continue to eradicate the weeds in the back of Northerleigh Park. The triangle directly across the baseball shed has been leveled and seeded. We will be back there this Thursday evening to continue the process. 

This coming Saturday we will be in Westerleigh Park. We intend to pull the weeds from each of the corners and plant some seed in several bare areas.

We've very happy to report that we received a second donation from a member of the community. Mr. Rich Phluger of Burnside Ave presented us with a generous donation of $250 dollars. As always, the money will be put to good use!

Hope to see you in the park!

WPC Friends...


"I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." - Billy Joel

And that sure was true last evening...PS 30, IS 51 and Port Richmond HS's Jazz Bands brought the crowd! What a wonderful night of jazz & the weather was gorgeous! Most importantly, there was a strong sense of community!


Hi Folks,

This note to the community is about funding. We have received a couple of unsolicited donations from those in the community. Each of these donations have been in the form of personal checks. In today's technological era, some have asked if a donation can be made online. The answer is yes! We've teamed up with PayPal in order to facilitate matters. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to explain, at least in part, where funding may be needed:

- Water / Other Amenities for those that are volunteering;

- Tools / Other Incidentals not supplied by the Parks Dept.;

- Top Soil (which is not supplied by the Parks Dept.);

- Event Permits & Related Expenses

- Costs associated with Liability Insurance

Thank you in advance to those that wish to make a donation. Three things:

1 - PayPal will offer a receipt in the form of an email;

2 - All monies received will be put to good use;

3 - We will be transparent regarding all funding.

Last, please let us know if we can share with the community the details regarding your generosity.

*Please note:

PayPal will receive 2.2% of funds received as its handling cost.

WPC Friends...


We'd like to say thank you to the Wagner High School Big Band that played in Westerleigh Park on Monday, June 11th. We'd especially like to thank Mr. Paul Corm for leading the band, a top notch performance! What was most impressive was their stamina - an hour and a half set without a break! We welcome them back at any time!


Upcoming 2018 Season 

January - March 2018

We've been keeping busy this off-season, planning our projects and events for the year, specifically our upcoming Earth Day event in April.


A few people commented on our Facebook and well as the Nextdoor App about the erosion in the park. Here was our response...

Thanks for noticing, thanks for your comments. Westerleigh Parks Coalition got together with Parks recently. Both parks were looked at regarding their respective needs. One of the things we did not point out in Westerleigh Park was the erosion - which appears to be worse than ever. We also pointed out the irrigation system (sprinkler system) was in working order prior to any construction on the retention ponds and it has not worked since. The Parks Department is certainly aware of any short comings in Westerleigh Park. Hopefully some fixes will be coming soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed and then some.


A few things...

We just wanted to inform you that the Parks Department is aware of the downed branches in Westerleigh Park. They tell us they have been inundated with the recent storms. They will be by as soon as possible.

We are happy to announce that we are officially a not-for-profit corporation and have attained our 501(c)3 status! (This status allows the organization to accept donations.)

Two important dates:

April 7th - our first official day back in the parks! (April 7th - Northerleigh, please check the schedule regarding future dates.)

April 21st is the Earth Day Event, 12pm-3pm

Volunteers are always welcome, especially those young adults needing community service.

Here's hoping for good weather! Hope to see you soon!